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Chords, Riffs and Auditions

Active RiffStream#s

The RiffStream# methodology was designed by Cartezia to help companies to prepare for more effective crossing of Chasm II.

Cartezia currently runs a number of 'Private' RiffStream#s, focused on specific market spaces based on the creative synthesis of Chords across technology, markets and customers. They provide an opportunity for typically larger players to widen their eco-systems and to access innovation (both ideas and technology) which may be hard to do internally because of lack of core competences, management structures, or impact on existing products and services. These Riffstream#s usually have clear commercial models for using or acquiring 3rd party ideas and intellectual property. Players also need to have a good understanding of legal and commercial frameworks.

A number of experimental 'Public' Riffstream#s are currently underway, to test whether this approach can also be applied to activity funded by publicly-funded bodies who want to improve national competitiveness. This typically provides an opportunity to build new and wider eco-systems but players need to handle ownership and protection of ideas and intellectual property carefully. Public bodies also need to be aware of regulations about not distorting markets or competition.

Currently, the following ‘Public’ RiffStream#s are active in the UK and India: 









20 Feb 2015